Open A Trade Account

We’re here to make your life easy, so you can spend more time on managing your clients and winning new ones.

How can we help?

* Trade prices available

* Extensive products showroom display.

* Dedicated meeting space where you can meet your clients and discuss products and finishes for your project.

* Access to spare samples from our fabric library, upon request.

* Product sourcing service – just give us a brief description of what product you’re looking for and we’ll find something suitable.

* 3D design service – you don’t have to spend your time doing drawings – just explain what your vision to our team and let us produce stunning 3D Visuals for you to present to your clients.

* We’re happy to brand the visuals with your logo if you wish.

* Loan furniture service – when you’re on a tight deadline and your client needs to move in asap – we can provide them with loan furniture whilst we wait for their goods to be produced – this can help take some of the pressure off you and relaxes the client so that mistakes aren’t made on the back of rushed decisions.

* Trade prices available on all brands.

* Speedy deliveries & deliveries from stock on certain brands.

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